1.      Ergonomics are the ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

2.      What degree angle should your forearm and arm make? ______________________________________.

3.      Good posture ensures minimal __________________________________________________________.

4.      You should never ________________ your eyes to see!

5.      It is essential to learn to ________________________________________________________________.

6.      What degree angle should your back be with the seat? ________________________________________.

7.      What is the keyboard as essential as? _____________________________________________________.

8.      Do not have a light ________________ on your computer screen!

9.      What degree angle should your legs and thighs be positioned in? ________________________________.

10.  What should be directly in front of your eyes? ______________________________________________.

11.  ________________ work on a computer with the lights off!

12.  When you are sitting, what should your silhouette resemble? ___________________________________.

13.  If you have a project that will take a long time to complete, it is better to: ________________.

a.       Work for a long time and finish as quickly as possible.

b.      Divide your work time into shorter intervals, and never finish.

c.       Take frequent breaks and divide your work time into shorter intervals.

14.  Every hour, you should… ______________________________________________________________.

15.  What should you do during your breaks? __________________________________________________.

16.  When working, what organ do you use the most? ____________________________________________.

17.  The human body cannot tolerate ________________________________________________________.

18.  What can happen to your wrists if you keep them in the same positions for too long? ___________________________________________________________________________________.

19.  What can happen when you overwork your eyes? ___________________________________________.

20.  The keyboard and mouse should be at the ________________ level.

21.  What should you use if your feet do not reach the floor while sitting in a seat at a computer? ___________________________________________________________________________________.

22.  Be careful and take frequent breaks to relieve the ________________ in your arms and legs.

23.  You should not use the ________________ too often, as it can cause stiffness in your wrists.

24.  What can happen when you look at a computer screen for too long, or drive in a car for too long? ___________________________________________________________________________________.

25.  Why is it important for your work place to follow these ergonomics rules? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.